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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 3, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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neil: on cavuto, the man who led charge last elect on why he thinks that republicans could take this elect, mitt romney is here. you think all republicans are loving what is going on? meet the one who fears what is not go on. and is tomorrow the day that political shift hits the fan? meet the democrat turned republican who said it is already happening as we speak. why he thinks democrats lock on african-american vote will start slipping and fast, cavuto starts happening, and now.
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welcome, i am neil cavuto, a live look at our national capitol, they are not only working on outside after tomorrow, there could be big changes on the inside. polls are close. but don't blame republicans if they sense that senate is theirs, they have grabbed defeat from jaws of victory before, but bob cusack said that things could be going their way now. >> i tell you, it is going to be an ugly night for the democrats, everything is moving in republican category, there are a lot of close races, but in every election, senate especially, most of the races go one way, toy don't split down the middle. that is a good sign for republicans, a lot of people going to pollss thinking about president obama, his number are not good. neil: nevertheless, all it takes o a sroeudz
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avoid giving senate to republicans are a couple of close races, the tie breaker goes to democrats. how likely is that? >> and two races to watch early on north carolina, new hampshire, senator scott brown, has momentum in the race, that was a double digit lead for senator shaheen, now it is down to one or two points, early otomorrow, if scott brown wins that race it will be a blood bath for the democrats, but if democrats hole north carolina -- hold north carolina and new hampshire, win iowa, yes there is a scenario they can hole the senate -- can hold the senate. neil: north carolina will be an early indicate or, say senator hagen hangs odo you think that there is a spillover from this? many have told me, you know
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north carolina is a different fish, and all that. >> you know, i think that there is a very likely scenario of republicans winning the senate but losing north carolina. this has been an ugly race, i could see hagen holding on this that, but that is not a bellwether, maybe months ago, a lot of political insider said as north carolina goes so goes senate, i don't think that is necessarily the case, further west, to alaska, colorado, iowa, louisiana, arkansas. it is not looking good for democrats but have you two potential run off in georgia as well as louisiana, republicans are the favorite to win the senate but it could be weeks before they get it 92 that -- those run offs would favor the republican candidate each case? in georgia and louisiana. >> yes, run offs are unpredoublingible. neil: we'll watch, yo my friend. >> to hear mainstream media tell
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it, kansas governor is in the fight of his life because he went too far with tax cuts, then democratic governor malou in the fight of his life because his open saiopponent said he went tr with tax hikes. he came within 6,000 votes 4 years ago. what happens now? mr. foley good to have you. >> neil good evening, how are you. neil: what kind of a sense and response are you getting to charges your opponent says are a little unfounded he has been presideing over tax hikes, bad deals. how is that resonateed in your state? >> people are upset with the economic performance of the governor malloy. we and 3 1/2 years we had 1%
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growth in the economy, real private sector wages have dropped 10%, people in connecticut are hurting, they are angry about it, that i want to change in direction it feels different here from the way it felt in 2 2010. neil: you ran last time, you were a well-known hedge fund manager in financial community, no stranger there, your opponent then as he does now is making great hey o hay of that. how would you describe what is changed in last 4 years? >> first of all people had an opportunity to get to know me in 2010, i serveed in government twice, in iraq. iin 2in 2003 and 2004. i have government experience, i have am slightly have
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credentials that someone coming straight out of the business community may not have had. neil: you employ emphasize -- you edge sizemphasize those cre. you have avoided some of the romney 47% you know -- but, what will desease thi decide this tot just tax increases, have you talked about accountability. >> i think that governor malloy has to run on his record, his record is not good, 1% economy growth has been hard on the families, and declining private sector wage, people need tax relief here, i think they are concern because governor malou has not said anything about getting control over spending he has to raise taxes again, we need tax relief. neil: he said you are in a race
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to see who can cut taxes most. i guess. but tha that you are both on a suicidal financial mission. >> i don't know -- he is responded to a couple of tax cuts that i talked about. but in general he has not talked about cutting taxes and reducing spending. he is very antibusiness, you cannot be agains antibusiness ao jobs. right now the economy is stagnant they need new leadership. neil: mr. foley, we will watch closely, we put out a call to the governor, if we don't talk with people, anyone then you look at families --?
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fur billion bucks for this. >> at heart of everything that is wrong in washington, from hypocrisy to greed to gridlock. >> michelle plans. >> gary peters is in the eye of the storm. funded by a convicted felon, connected to alone shark ring. neil: and not a -- why the most expenseive midterm ever has our all-stars seeing stars, we have rich edison, and lizz mcdonnell. and tracy byrnes. if this is where the money that gone woe. >> hundred million dollar campaigns in north carolina, kentucky, and all out side money. neil: good for local stations,
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potentially good for us. >> true. but, it is -- we have reached a point where elections are so focused nationaly, you don't just have a slight national interest, you have a major naitonal interest, it is coming up withnese numbers. neil: liz, we b bemoan negative ads but they work. >> that is right they connection, and in this political season because, we are seeing the most frustration with congress. and the most outrage over lack of economic growth of the country, akin to 2006 when democrats swept in midterms, that is why it is renails, but i think -- recession nateing but i think that the american people know that pocketbook issues that work issuwashington dc needs toe
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the impediments to the economic growth. neil: i am thinking of that north carolina race, each year people spend more, but where are we going with this? >> i think people see right through it. it is like evil, people are sick of evil. neil: what is it whose ad is less negative. >> i don't think that anyone is listening, no one cares, whose pocketbook is suffering at the end of the day is ours. they might lessen regulation on small businesses, there is important stuff here, we don't need this negative trash. you have $4 billion to waste, i can help you figure out what to bodo with it. neil: why this guy is walking a tight rope between two chicago skyscrapers blind folded. it was the fastest way to get to fox business election coverage. tomorrow night 8 p.m., i'll
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balance politics and business with dare devil guests, all folks here and former vice approximatelpresidential nomine. president obama's former economic. and former home depot ceo bob nardelli, and we'll be all over live market reaction from the globe. how the markets respond, we'll be there. >> and remember when joni dropped this bombshell with me over the weekend. >> voting for a leader, once i am there, i will have those discussions. neil: sounds like mitch mcconnell would not be a guarantee for you? >> maybe not a ga guarantee, i e talk with a number of people, and hear their stances on the issues.
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neil: mitt on mitch in middle of what could be a majority mess. after this. can you start tomorrow? yes sir. alright. let's share the news tomorrow. today we failrly busy. tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow.
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neil: you know taking u.s. senate is one thing but mitt romney said that republicans taking out obamacare could prove another thing. big conservatives promising to repeal obamacare face a roadblock, mainly the guy who signed the law. >> i hope people know tha that 3 branches of government, but to repeal obamacare, would require the president to agree. and president obama is not going to agree to repeal obama carry,
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so he is right to that extent that in the next two years it is unlikely you will see obama care repealed. but it does not mean it condition have changes to make it less painful for job creation, and less painful for american people, i hope he will sign them, to replace obamacare, you will have to have republican president or two-thirds in each house has to be republican, it will take a while for that. >> market -- have been racing to new highs, a lot despite fact this is first month i think in 37 months that federal reserve will not be doleing out free money. essentially propping up the markets. how do you think wall street will be? >> i have a difficult time predicting what wall street will do, to be honest with you.
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but i do think that people have seen all of purchases by federal reserve, have not had the impact in job creation that people hopeed for, and you see federal reserve make it clear they intend to hold interest rates down almost to zero for a 0 long period of time, that is what street cares about, that makes stocks more attractive and bonds less attractive. neil: it sounds like the making of a bubble. >> no question, there are actions underway, that have the potential to create a bubble, one in housing market where standards are relaxed further and further to give people the chance to get into a home even though they don't have income or down payment necessary to have a financial footing. that is a concern, and, of course, holding interest rates at or near zero for a language period of time -- long period of time has a potential to create a
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bubble. hopefully federal reserve is watching this. and will take severe action before a bubble occurs. neil: you were pressient on markets and fed and overreach, and policies you were worried about vladimir putin. now vladimir putin has proven to be a thorn in this administration's side but in the country's side, and agitate or second to none, if you think that republican gains in this midterm elect should be an opening salvo to vladimir putin he should rein it in or do you think he will double down on the type of are halfior that -- behavior that has already made him the pain in the butt he has already been. >> i think that russian foreign policy keys less of what happens in senate and the house and more of what happens in the white
8:19 pm
house, they want to see what happens in white house two years from now, vladimir putin has expansion in his agenda, we're seeing another foreign policy crisis, in the middle east, this isis, president calls a jv team is a serious threat to safety of thingthings we care deeply abou, including lives of americans. a lot of this is on the president's shoulders, if we get a republican sense sat we ma pe- senate, we may be able to push more in the backbone. neil: governor, "wall street journal" reporting and others have confirmed it looks like the administration will make good on its commitment it will look at holding off departing ing de-- f
8:20 pm
up to 4 million illegals who are here, mcconnell said that would be a huge mistake. i wonder if you find it as some in your party hinted an impeachable mistake, he has no authority. >> any time that president says to american people, i am putting major changes on illegal immigration, but i am not doing it until after the elect, you can guess that president is planning on doing things that american people would find unattractive, i find that disappointing that is beneath the measure of the president to take action of that nature. i hope he does not do it. with regards to itc impeople amt iimpeachment itis too early. neil: let me know what you think of what mitt romney said, and
8:21 pm
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neil: well 4 years after republicans run back house, vowing to fix it, they could be about to do the same in senate, not one is mentioning it. i am talking about the dead. alan sympton said it would be wise to wake up. former co-chair on the phone with me now. no one is mentioning it does it bother you. >> the sage of the sage brush speaking to you, should bother your grand kids and your kids, this is madness, everyone is fast asleep, the deficit is going down, that is great, but it is not the issue. issue is debt just continues on aol pilot. -- automatic pilot, and those who i think that interest rate will stay, they will go to
8:25 pm
historical levels, when they go it is 6 billion a year, that is nothing we don't getting any for it it goes to other countries where they use it for there are infrastructure and their education, it is madness. neil: i think with declining deficit, you are right, every dollar we spend each year goes to that overall debt. but everyone seems to think it like waiting. all horror stories have not happened. so everyone can relax, and rating agencies say that u.s. is doing fine. >> i don't know, i am not one of those guys. i am not a money guy. >> you are a common sense guy, you get the gravity of the problem. >> you can't keep doing it, but real issue it people that loan us bucks say now you own 20 trillion, that will be it.
8:26 pm
two-thirds of american budget is not dealt with today today. so, at-this-point they say have you a disfunctional congress, you are addicted to debt, we' more money i for our money, and the guy that gets screwed is the little guy, middle class, and money guys will take care of themselves that a proven factor. >> you are right, i worry though, whether it will take to do that we have been cocky about this, we feel, where else are they going to go, there are other options. >> we're the reserve currency of the world, we're cocky. that is the way we play the game, we don't disappear but we
8:27 pm
don't be number one. when you can't do solvency of social security system without the aarp tearing your head from your body, you can't get this done. it started when ma when -- mortf 63, and you could retire at 65. >> you know what is weird we don't see the political will to do it and i think what happens is that every politician on left, and right, even tried to tinker with this, like paul ryan comes to mind, tinkering with adjustments he is ripped a new one. what is to stop this mod eping game? >> have you karl rove now, he said that president had adopted ed simpson-bowles he would have
8:28 pm
been on the right track. now saying this guy trying to raise your social security, cut your bicycle tire, holy smokes, you are not safe, all it is when you step up to vote your leader will say, don't vote for this. we'll use it on a campaign ad for you. neil: you need machine who will -- someone so say i will lose, but worth it. >> it is a sad thing, and we had commonty and trust, the coin of rel arealm of the senate of the trust. it is tarnished. neil: thank you senator. >> always enjoy. neil:al know simpson, he has warned you for years. >> you do think andrew cuomo on the verge of getting reelected of governor of new york. hes?
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neil: well, you ever wonder what happens if the democratic front runner never really makes it in case hillary clinton fades? well, andrew will do that the new york's governor is everything they like and everything carl paladino says republicans should be fighting. four years ago it was carl that gave cuomo a serious run for his money. in fact, tonight to say whether or not cuomo is reelected or not tea partyiers better get back to launching the money. if they don't do that or if they feel they've been pushed aside, what do you make of that? are. >> i'm worried. we can't sit here and believe that mitch mcconnell and boner who have shown they're not the strongest leaders
8:33 pm
will be able to to handle this party into 2016. these two guys have ill stated to us that the constitutional principles and the issues like immigration they just don't want to take on the hard issues. they keep dodging. if they want successfully to put a candidate up in 2016, they have to forget about the establishment has beens and losers and guys like christie who want to go out there and show us he's a rhino. they have to get to the meat and potatoes. the meat and potatoes are the right. >> the meat and potato guys are like the ted cruzs, the random pawlz. not people like chris christie or jeb bush. >> i don't think they're mainstream. i think the mainstream is over to the right. who do you think is going to put -- who do
8:34 pm
you think logical elect the senate, it will be that right ring of the party. they'll come out and come out in droves because they've had enough of obama and enough the nonsense. >> tea partyiers themselves had a tough go at it. those mainstream guys or whoever you want to call it got the nominations to maybe tell the tea partyiers or guys like yourself, why don't we all go along in the same boat and why don't you guys pipe down. we think we know what's best for the party and set us up for 2016. what do you say? >> tea partyiers, that word is so misused. they want to put everybody in a box. i'm talking about mainstream republicans. people who have values. they're looking for an identity for their party and a real leader that will carry them through 2016 and give them a president who is good for america.
8:35 pm
neil: like what allen simpson people are brave enough to say the debt is an issue. >> it's the mainstream of the party. you know, and these guys have lost touch with it. they keep trying to give us romney. 1 percent against 99 percent. there's something seriously wrong with this idea. they can't keep throwing at us. neil: so you think if we go the romney direction or the jeb bush direction that the republicans will almost assuredly lose because the same group comes back and say cruz and paul, these guys are galvanizing, but they can't get elected in the mainstream. you say what? >> they better start engaging hispanics. that's the way it should go. those are hard working people. they're looking for an identity in the mainstream and they better accept them into that -- you just can't keep pushing these people aside and saying, hey, we'll try to sneak
8:36 pm
another one through. it doesn't work. neil: by the party's stance on immigration -- for whatever merits of trying to police the border is anti-latino, is anti-minority, what do you say? >> i don't think so. when you talk to the latino who came here. came here abided by all the rules, suffered with the green card and now has his citizenship, i don't think he's trying to tell us that they should let illegals into the country. that's not what it's about. it's about everybody earning it and achieving it. it's wrong for all those immigrants who came in from droves from europe or mexico or from puerto rico, not puerto rico, but it's wrong for us to put them in a box and say they're all on one side. i don't think so. when the republican party adopts an identity that's acceptable to the hispanic community, i think they will engage.
8:37 pm
neil: well, you practice what you preach. you don't leave your home turf. >> i wish i was a gazillionaire. neil: you're close to it. thank you very, very much. he calls them as he sees them. menialmeanwhile, when your own party doesn't want your help, it may be time to look in the mirror. that's not republicans saying that. mr. president, that's fellow democrats saying that.
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neil: so out with the old. in with the even older. president obama frustrated as democrats are avoiding him and actually spending a lot more time with hillary and bill clinton. ouch. former verizon wireless dennis said this will make for an awkward next couple of years. how so? >> neil, first of all,
8:41 pm
if this president were the ceo in a private sector job, he wouldn't have lasted nearly this long. his board of directors would have fired him a long time ago. but it's different. who do the democrats have to hang onto now? there's nobody other than bill clinton and hillary clinton. bill clinton left office and since he left office, he's gotten even more popular. neil: absolutely. they all want to be with him. >> whose coattails do they try to hold onto. neil: it's always tough for a president entering his last two years to be under enormous pressure to lose seats in a midterm election. george bush experienced this. it seems like this president is much more severe, the recovery is so lackluster when so many americans don't feel it, you have to be worried. >> here's what happened, he has been unaccountable. he has finger pointed
8:42 pm
every chance that he's gotten. i mean, his incompetence, particularly in the last couple of years has shown through. what's happened here is, he's lost the coolness factor. people voted for him the first time because it was the cool thing tolerance. it was -- it was hope and change. neil: you think people will feel differently in the the next two years because he has no election in front of him? >> i don't think he will change one bit. what we see now is -- neil: he must be looking at history. he wants to get some big things done. immigration reform done maybe. tackle the corporate tax cut. >> remember who we're talking about. he thinks he already has. neil: he's already consequential. >> he thinks in time he will be proven to be right. i think just the
8:43 pm
opposite. neil: all right. so what does business have to look forward to assuming that the republicans take the senate, there's no guarantee, assuming that happens, what happens? >> i think it will be a tough go. i think that republicans can do something, assuming that they get the senate. i think you'll see a much more balanced approached by the regulatory agencies, whether it's the nlrb, the fcc, whatever the regulatory agency may be, i think they will be looking more to comprise, trying to read the cards and where we're going here. and, look, it appears that obama is changing his, i'm not sure, but it looks like his administration, people are jumping ship. they don't want to go down with the ship. neil: then what happens with business. verizon is on fire. you can't sell enough pricey phone packages to people. japan is up more than
8:44 pm
3 percent, close to 4 percent. markets are racing to new highs. [no audio] explain that. what do you say? >> to me, it's very simple. he has nothing to do with that. in fact, contrary to what his policies have been, things have begun once again to grow fortunately. i think people are hopeful that things will change in washington. whether they do or not, i don't know. we'll keep our fingers crossed. in the little bit of a bubble we're seeing for the first time in six years is that people in the business sector are much more optimistic that maybe something can happen. neil: whether they're looking at life after this guy. >> or that we only have two years to go. neil: and what's two years in the scheme of things. always a pleasure, my friend. all right in the meantime he's been called an uncle tom for leaving his party and all because this state
8:45 pm
senator dared to ask african-americanafrican-americat are you getting for being so loyal to the democratic party? sheila! you see this ball control?
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neil: think about it, if the economy is doing so well because of or just despite democrat policies. hillary who is a former democrat turned republican and says that democratic policies are hurting, not helping the economy and for this bold statement, the senator is often being called everything from an uncle tom to a turncoat. he carries on. he's started a pack that is impacting races in arkansas and georgia and louisiana. this guy states his case, states his mind. we live in a free country where that should not be ripped.
8:49 pm
but he is nevertheless. thank you. >> it's a pleasure to be here with you. neil: last time we chatted, i was reminded about the fact that you said there is this monolithic policy to vote almost in lockstep with democrats regardless -- or the candidate the local all the way up to the national level that might start changing. it doesn't seem to budge much. you sense that it's about to and that the frustration is real. explain. >> as i travel around the country and as i talk with people around this country, black folk are really tired of being taken advantage of and are beginning to open their eyes and see that this is not working for us. just being in the hip pocket of the democrat party has not given us anything as a community. it has not given us jobs or good schools or security and safety.
8:50 pm
neil: well, you know, democrats come around, they say look at all we've done for the poor, disproportionately african-americans. look at food stamps. you harp back to say, you shouldn't rest your security on what programs you're getting from government. do i have the gist of that right? >> absolutely right. that is absolutely correct. we are a loving and caring people in america. so when someone is in dire straights, we want to provide a bridge over those troubled waters. a bridge over troubled waters does not mean becoming a highway into the future. that's not what these programs are designed to do. when they become a highway into the future, they stifle, they stifle the growth of a community, the industry of a community, the ethic, the work ethic of a community and that's what's happened to us.
8:51 pm
neil: how do republicans address that? i always get the sense that republicans don't know how to talk to the african-american community. and the other stream. extreme. what is it that they need to get that they're not doing now? >> i think that we need to say, open your eyes. open your eyes. is it working for you? how many people have gotten wealthy, how many people have bought a home or car, how many people have sent their kids to college on a little government check, and the answer is zero. and so we have to -- we have to ask people to open their scpiez look eyes andk at what's being done to us in the name of having it done for us. neil: if i would have said that in arkansas, because it does seem to be connected. >> yes, it is. our free at last pact,
8:52 pm
we have received over the past month, we've received a couple hundred dollars and we're spending that money on the airwaves so that we can get the message out and that message is a simple one. open your eyes. look around. look out your windows and if you're satisfied with what you see then we're not talking with you. if you're not satisfied with the poor schools and the high rate of unemployment, the lack of safety and security in our homes, if you're not satisfied with that, there's another way to go. there's a different way. and that way is the republican way. give us a chance. neil: you're a gutsy guy, senator. thank you very, very much. >> thank you. neil: makes you think. meanwhile, are protesters getting their way. minimum wage issues on the ballot in some five states. find out why it could soon be coming to all 50 states.
8:53 pm
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8:56 pm
neil: all right. you know, not only are there a lot of contests that are at stake tomorrow, big referendum tomorrow. minimum wage on the ballot five states all to raise it. fox biz all-stars saying five states now can be a lot more down the road. >> listen, who wouldn't vote for a wage hike. it's very popular in elections to vote for a wage hike. tracy and i were talking about this, rich too, we got four states talking about raisingmum wage. it's magical thinking. problem solved. we'll get economic growth. we don't have economic growth. these are first rungs on the ladder jobs. you should not be raising your family on minimum wage drops. neil: that's the way it could go. right? >> it could go if you look at, first of all, what the administration
8:57 pm
has already done that is raise the rate for contractors. there are new contracts you have to work out. it's not as easy. we look at these executive actions that the president is trying to undertake, circumvent congress. you have to change the law and states are doing this on individual levels. as we've seen gridlock on the national level. one of these places you can't forget about are these referendums. i'm open to raise the minimum wage and let's avoid this debate. we'll never get there though. >> and they'll never be happy. you can never give them enough. they'll consistently be protests for more. so you can never give out enough money at this point. you're not going to win. you can raise it to 20 bucks an hour, they will
8:58 pm
still ask for more. neil: do you think that will be the big issue tomorrow too? >> it's a distraction. i think it's wrong for the g.o.p. to fight against the minimum wage. neil: you're looking apart from the average person. >> it makes them look like scrooge. you know what senator elizabeth warren is going to be all over that if you do anything that benefits wall street banks and don't raise the minimum wage. they can't box themselves in a legislative corner like that. neil: what do you think for those states? i think three of them it's a good possibility. i think the die is cast for more legislating this forcibly. >> if you're a voter, does a guy making 7.25 an hour, does he deserve the raise. you darn right should a business you have nothing to do with, it's pretty easy answer. >> people are l pay for it in the end.
8:59 pm
mr. president you are onto something, sir. it should be indexed to inflation and then be done with it. >> it's a total distraction. it's not like the problem just magically stops. it's about poor economic growth in this country. >> but i think this will stop the protests. at some point they'll be at $50 an hour. they'll be making more than me. neil: that's hard to believe. i assume it's possible. join you tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. wait until you see this guest list, not only do we have the biggest names in financial journalist we have sarah palin, mark pent, austin, then there's that dobbs guy and payne and bartiromo all kicks off tomorrow. you can go anywhere else and get the politics, which is fine. you can go to a boring business channel and get some business, which is fine. this is the only place you get both. it's like a perfect souffle, and you're
9:00 pm
going to like it afterwards. you'll say, hey, more calories, but still less filling. how is that possible? we'll prove it tomorrow night. kennedy: this political season is turning out to be more dramatic than the season final of the bachelorette. what's a girl to do? the senate can only have one majority party, what's a chamber to do whether it's sicken millennials or exhausted -- rippedz the keys to this boring election. 51 percent of both groups are expected to vote for the g.o.p. despite the fact that the party is filled with republicans. it's not which surte has won the heart, which one doesn't smell moldy. the democrats ideas are old. the only things republicans have going for them, they're not democrats.


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